I am asked many questions about astrology but they all lead to this one:

‘So is everything simply mapped out for us - what about free will?’
Anyone who has seen the old, black and white Jimmy Stewart movie, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ has seen a display of the traditional understanding of free will.
In the movie Jimmy Stewart’s character is called George Bailey. George, like all of us, dreams of what he wants to do with his life. At times it seems that life has other ideas. These ideas run contrary to what George dreams he wants.
An astrologer might rush to calculate George Bailey’s natal chart, but whatever George Bailey’s natal chart might be, it is not as interesting as what George Bailey does despite what his chart might show. Throughout the film George Bailey uses his free will to make the right choice despite what he thinks he might want in a situation. This is an excellent illustration of the traditional understanding of the use of one’s free will. Free will is not something we use to get what we (think) we want whenever we are driven by our desires. Our free will is exercised by choosing to do the right thing in a situation despite our desires and attractions towards a contrary course - despite our desire to do otherwise. Hence George Bailey is a good guy. Not only because he was ‘born that way’ via astrology, genetics, environment or whatever, but more importantly because he chooses to do the right things. He needs an Angel to show him the truth of all this at the end of the film. This underlines that he is making the right choices because they are right in themselves, not because he is acting with any other motives, for if he was acting from other motives he would be aware of all the good he had done with his life. And so when the Angel, traditionally, ‘a messenger from God’, shows him the truth of the matter, how things really are, George then moves from feeling as if he has lost everything to the realisation that in fact he has won it all.

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